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The co-founders understand the privacy concerns, and say they will not sell the DNA data.

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The creators say there are 11 genes that impact attraction.

"One of our taglines is bringing love at first sight to the palm of your hand," said Barreto.

We don’t claim to provide diagnostic DNA testing for health conditions, and do not provide information to your insurance company.

Olfactory is another word for your sense of smell, and what's interesting is that you can actually smell other people's scent profiles (immune system).

If their natural body odour smells good then you will be attracted to that person for a relationship or friendship.

If they smell awful then there is probably no sexual “chemistry” between you two.

Our mission is to enrich peoples lives by helping them make genuine connections that hopefully lead to lasting love.

We aim improve the accuracy of our romantic predictions with each new member. Garver-Apgar CE, Gangestad SW, Thornill R, Miller RD and Olp JJ (2006) Major histocompatibility complex alleles, sexual responsivity, and unfaithfulness in romantic couples Psychol Sci, 17(10): 830-835.

DNA Romance will own the research and analysis of the results.

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