Writing personal dating ads

Why not follow that same thought process for your personal ad to represent you for your profile and online dating image?

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Everyone knows the goal is to attract the attention of and meet people with whom you have a connection.

People who are interesting and want to share life with you – but first you have to get their attention.

Last week I met my friend for dinner – an attractive, successful 25 year-old woman with great personality, sense of humor and someone who has had her fair share of good and bad dating experiences with guys.

She started telling me about her experience meeting guys online and she showed me her profile on one of the major matchmaking sites.

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Plenty of people don’t know where to start with how to write a personal ad to create their online profile or “love personal” on a dating site.

With this in mind, many of these same people rely on professional help for their resumé for their professional image.

They all looked like “cut-and-paste” and it was obvious that none of the writers actually took a few minutes to read her profile and write at least somewhat thoughtful e-mail that would be responsive to her profile. Lets talk sometime…” It is obvious to anyone that this kind of e-mail is not addressed to anyone specifically and can (and probably is) sent to every woman that same guy decided to contact.

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