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Common signs of addiction include constant money problems; arrests; track marks and infections from needle use; lying about drug use; irritability and, when drugs can’t be obtained, physical withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, dilated pupils, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

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Some studies find rates of these pre-existing problems among people with heroin addiction as high as 93 percent.

Two-thirds have experienced at least one severe trauma during childhood; among women with heroin addiction, rates of child sexual abuse alone can be that high or higher.

People who are treated as experts firmly proclaim that they know what they are doing, but often turn out to base their care entirely on their own personal and clinical experience, not data. Drew,” which many people see as an example of the best care available, for instance, used an approach that is not known to be effective for opioid addiction.

More than 13 percent of its participants died after treatment, The story linked here was written before the death of wrestling star and “Celebrity Rehab” participant Chyna, who died of an apparent overdose.

The addictions field is neither adequately regulated nor effectively overseen.

There are no federal standards for counseling practices or rehab programs.

I’ve also had personal experience: What got me interested in the area was my own struggle with heroin and cocaine addiction in the 1980s.

To try to help sort fact from fiction, I’ve put together an evidence-based guide about what the science of opioid addiction recommends for people trying to help a loved one suffering from addiction.

This guide is based on the best research data available in the addictions field right now: systematic reviews, clinical trials of medications and talk therapies, and large collections of real-world data from many countries — all using the highest level of evidence available, based on the standards of evidence-based medicine.

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