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Unfortunately for them, Willem Dafoe reported, by the time the stage was set and they actually filmed everyone had come off their high and felt awful.Oliver Stone wrote the first draft of Platoon in 1971, and sent it to Jim Morrison in hopes that he would play the part Charlie Sheen would ultimately play.

In a television interview, Charlie Sheen credited Keith David with saving his life.

While shooting in an open-door Huey gunship, the helicopter banked too hard and Sheen was thrown towards - and would have gone through - the open door. Prior to the scene where Elias' half of the platoon is smoking marijuana, the actors actually did smoke marijuana.

HOLLYWOOD–Actor Tom Berenger lit up the Twitterverse yesterday by tweeting that recent blockbuster “American Sniper” reminds him of the “Sniper” series of movies he’s been starring in for over ten years, which are, according to the actor, “out on DVD.” American patriots remember that “Sniper” (1993) cast powerhouses Billy Zane and Tom Berenger, who worked to eliminate a Panamanian rebel leader. Berenger is unable to respond at this time as he is attending Direct-Con, a convention held yearly at the Mc Donough, GA.

This is in stark contrast to “Sniper 2” (2002) where the target is a Serbian general, and “Sniper 3” (2004), in which it was a drug dealer in Ho Chi Minh City. Berenger’s work, and was rumored, also according to Berenger, to have asked for Berenger for the lead role in “American Sniper.” Unfortunately, the studio forced Eastwood to go another direction. Howard Johnson for movies that are released direct to video,” adding that all of his client’s films “are available on DVD, VHS and most likely at a gas station near you”.

Morrison had the script on him when he was found dead in Paris.

It is unknown whether he would have been cast, had he lived.

Her husband graduated from the University of Missouri majored in journalism.

Laura Moretti married Tom Berenger on 8th September 2012.

Charlie Sheen's helmet reads, "When I die, bury me upside-down, so the world can kiss my ass", while Johnny Depp's simply reads, "Sherilyn", a tribute to Sherilyn Fenn, whom Depp was dating at the time.

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