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I was the second best running back in the country, coming from a place people seldom expected good players to come from.

I’d watch the pros on TV, then emulate the running backs, diving through my house, around furniture, through the kitchen. You put on that Arizona Cardinals jersey your first year and it leads to a career spanning a dozen years. Your body is your business in the NFL, so I stayed in the weight room. My brother, or La’Danian Tomlinson, Eddie George, Tiki Barber. It’s so mentally and physically taxing but that love of the game just kept me going.

Thomas Jones’ girlfriend Meagan Good has a lengthy resume on both the big and small screens.

He became father for the first time in his life in 1957 after being married with his wife Linda Trenchard. He also became father for the second time in his life in 1987.

She gave birth to their only child together the same year they got married and they named him Mark Woodward. Besides his married life, he was also found to having romantic love affairs with Mary Wilson, Charlotte Laws and Marjorie Wallace. He is a great singer and that year he was in musical tour in United States.

The list of pro football players who have successfully made the jump from turf to television is comparable the chalkboard menu at a good hot dog stand—appropriately brief. That’s incredible considering the average NFL career is three or four years. I’d finish the team workouts, and practice, and then I’d head back to the weight room, I’d hit the cold tub, all that stuff.(Think you have what it takes to train like the football pros? I’d see what they did and try to add it to my game.

Familiar talents who transitioned from running plays to reading scripts include Jim Brown, John Matuszak, Bubba Smith and, infamously, OJ Simpson. See if you can keep up with The NFL Workout.) Yeah.

Besides this one, he was also found to having romantic love affairs with Mary Wilson, Charlotte Laws, and Marjorie Wallace.

He was also in a relationship with model Katherine Barkery with whom he had his second child, Jonathan Berkery.

Later he said that: "I spent two years in bed recovering".

During his early singing career, he was inspired by soul music, a popular music genre. In their decade's long married life, the couple became parents once.

Melinda gave birth to Tom's child, Mark Woodward, a month following their marriage.

Tom has been infidel with her several times and he has also claimed that he had slept with 250 women a year.

People see the Ray Rice situation, or they see us as characters in a Madden game. We chose to play football, but we didn’t choose the things that come with it. They love to live out their aggressions through us.

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