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These stories are also not intended to be, nor should they be construed as, attempts to predict the future course of any individual or entity, but should be viewed only as parody." So what I am getting at here is that Steve Aoki is a real DJ!Every time I have had the privilege of seeing him perform live, I leave the show wanting to go right back.People say producing is easy, but there is truly nothing easy about it.

Whether it be playing the piano or the drums, they are always pushing the boundaries of what they do and how they produce music.

So when I hear fake news, it definitely stirs up my emotions.

He has remixed several artists and bands like Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, Mike Posner, Jackson 5, Lil Wayne, Refused, The Killers, All American, Girls Generation, Lenny Kravitz, Snoop Dogg, Bloc Party, S. He is mostly recognized for his acrobatic crowd surfing stunts, spraying champagne bottles, throwing cake at fans and riding rafts on the dance floor.

In an average, Aoki performed about 250 shows a year and has recently begun touring with the production by bus. In 2009 he managed a show in Beijing, China, along with Diplo organized by the promoter,.

About two weeks ago, a website called came out with an article titled, "Steve Aoki Shocks EDM World By Admitting He Is Not An Actual DJ." This news made headlines almost everywhere.

It caused a huge stir in the EDM community and had many of Steve Aoki's fans up in arms about what was supposedly said.

He has a brother named Kevin and a sister named Kana.

Aoki also has a half-sister who is an actress and model, Devon Aoki.

Steve is the third child of Chizuru Kobayashi and Rocky Aoki.

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