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Australian actress who became known for playing April Scott on the series Home and Away.

Sensing an opportunity to make peace, Hugo talked Charlie down but things between Xavier and his brother were soon tense again when their mum Gina broke her ankle and Brendan, their other brother came to stay.

Though he initially tried to hide Brendan from his friends, Ruby and the others were supportive and helped him look after Brendan but his resentment towards Hugo built.

He was coerced into selling drugs again from Freya at the school and though he did to start with, Freya increased the pressure and got hold of some ‘uppers’ but Xavier refused to sell them.

She also caused tension between him and Hugo when she planted a kiss on his brither which Xavier saw.

The actress participated in the 13th series of Dancing with the Stars, reaching second place behind Cosentino.

Episodes: 4764–4768; 4776–5552; 5727–5728Parents: Jeremy & Gina Austin Step Parents: John Palmer (former) Siblings: Hugo & Brendan Austin Step Siblings: Shandi Palmer (former) Foster Siblings: Jett Palmer Occupation: Student; Police Officer Xavier arrived in the bay at a beach party during the schoolies period, where he was seen to dealing drugs.

Freya took the money and ran, leaving Xavier to be beaten up and then to realise that Ruby was right about her all along.

He then recruited Jai to help him win Ruby back with an email but Charlie was unconvinced and wouldn’t let them see each other so Xavier went to Hugo for help.

She debuted as Lisa Jeffries on the television show Neighbours when she was 11.

She dated Home and Away co-star Lincoln Lewis from 2010 to 2012, then began dating pop star Reese Mastin, but the couple split in 2015.

With Hugo continually leaving him in charge of Brendan, Xavier snapped and took the opportunity to go to a party after Martha agreed to stay with Brendan. Xavier managed to find him but Brendan freaked out at the sight of a blue car and shot a rock through the windscreen, causing Leah to crash and Roman to be injured.

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