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Phyllis is very depressed, lacks self-esteem and is somewhat eccentric.She is also very quiet as revealed early on in the season.

During "who would you do" she agress with Pam and Meredith on Jim and Oscar but not on Toby (The Fire). She finds Jim's costume to be funny and mistakes Dwight's sith lord costume for a monk. She is invited to join Devon at Poor Richards and goes along with the rest of the office staff (Halloween).

Dwight teaches Phyllis how to defend herself while Jim and Pam watch in annoyance.

The met on a blind date — and the rest, as they say, was magic. Mom consulted on the dress and is backing up on details. She is, in short, having the wedding of her dreams.

“My wedding coordinator is Sarah Leer,” Brown said.

* The rehearsal dinner will be at the Hunt Club, and Kentucky based bluegrass band, The Wooks, will be performing.

Phyllis attended the same high school as Michael, and she and her friends often wondered if Michael was gay due to the fact that he often wore nice suits and ties to school.

During the game, Phyllis makes a basket, despite sitting on the bench the whole time.

(Basketball) In the season premiere,"The Dundies," Phyllis along with Pam and Kelly, are laughing and talking about what was on the girl's bathroom wall.

("The Dundies") During Toby's sexual harassment meeting she asks a question to a statement Toby made on how all office relationships must be disclosed to HR.

She asks if one night stands count as needing to be filed to which Jim seems interested in why Phyllis would want to know that.

She is seen fighting with Dwight after he walks into the bathroom to see what was written.

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