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Contrary to TV, she has not also featured in any film.

Although she hasn’t starred in any films or major TV series, she hasn’t stopped working hard.

Laura Govan is the baby mama of all four of basketball star Gilbert Arenas' children.

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Similarly, she is also popular as the ex-partner of a former basketball player, Gilbert Arenas.

Presently, she is a prominent figure among the media as the TV personality and ex-partner of Gilbert.

She wouldn’t say that Christie is a bad mom after all the Go Fund Me drama that surrounded her and Ta’Kari this season.

Laura Govan seems to believe that Jackie is just done being a mommy now that her kids are grown and she’s ready to go do her own thing.

She was in long-term on and off relationship with a former basketball player, Gilbert Arenas.

The couple is assumed to have started dating in 2001. Although they would quit the relationship, they would come back after some time.

Afterward, she graduated from there with a Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology.

Similarly, she also completed her BA degree in International Business.

It turns out that Laura would consider coming back, but not in the way most of us would like.

At first, Laura said she wouldn’t go back on the show at all because she’s not about all that back and forth fighting anymore.

Then she admitted that it would have to be a pretty check. She said she’d love to be on-set, telling the cast members what they should and shouldn’t be doing on the show.

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