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They spent the evening extreme go-karting followed by pizza at Pistol Pete's.

They sat next to each other at dinner, and didn't speak a word to each other for about 20 minutes until FINALLY, Devan, once again, broke the ice and said "So Tyler, tell me something about yourself." And from that point on, they barely talked to anyone else the entire night.

Troy is currently working as a medical scribe, and will start medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin in the Fall!

Devan knew that Tyler was her soulmate after Tyler disclosed two important pieces of information: 1.

One of his favorite movies is National Treasure; and 2. (For anyone who knows Devan, that time of day is VERY special and also unknown to many people).

The two have enjoyed numerous life chats over cheap Mexican food and cold beer.

Dave, and his wife Hannah, now live near Johnson City, Tennessee.

Mary and Devan met in graduate school at Marquette, and Mary now works at University of Utah as a Career Counselor.

Jeff Fisher, Father of the groom, has been Tyler's Best Man since day one, and there is no one better suited for this role.It was a perfect day amidst the perfect love story we are still writing.The Matron of Honor is Kelsey, Devan's older sister and mother to Devan's favorite niece, Ava Baby.Devan smiled, stunned by the handsome man, beautiful ring and wonderful future kneeling before her, and before she got to answer, Tyler nervously asked "are you saying yes??" Devan could barely contain her excitement as she said yes and leaned in to kiss her future husband.A first kiss followed while listening to "You and Tequila" by Kenny Chesney outside the Gyro Palace..classy ;) They quickly realized how perfect they were for each other, and knew they had God to thank for bringing them together.

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