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After escaping the building Keith can either help a wounded William evacuate, or leave him and Karen/Kelly so he can escape.William is evacuated and Keith goes to a stadium, where the player can switch which girl they are escorting.

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After escaping from an attack chopper in a river chase, they are again confronted when their makeshift boat lands on the Capital District.

At this point, a mini-tsunami occurs, forcing them into a car showroom and up through it onto the roof.

He meets William, who directs him to the construction company that built the island.

There it is revealed that the disaster was deliberate.

Keith and Kelly/Karen are chased into an abandoned mall by the construction company's goons.

After escaping they meet up with Greg, Kelly/Karen is evacuated, and they meet the man who oversaw Stiver Island's Construction - Terry Stiver.

In a feat of revolutionary technology, the government used its top engineering talent to transform a minor spur of rock that barely stood above the ocean waves into a thriving man-made island, complete with a state-of-the-art metropolis called Capital City.

In June 2005, Keith Helm, the protagonist and player character is on his way to Capital City for the first time, to start his dream job as editor for the prestigious Town Crier newspaper. Soon after regaining consciousness he comes across another survivor, Karen Morris.

The mid-season premiere will air on Thursday, June 7 and the finale will air on July 26.

Two actors are joining the show for the final eight episodes.

While dodging falling buildings and debris from periodic earthquakes, the player must find a way off the island.

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