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SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the series finale of “The Vampire Diaries,” which aired on Friday, March 10.

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And once it looks like things really are coming to an end for Mystic Falls, Caroline calls Stefan and leaves him a voicemail: “I need you to know that I understand. Obviously that’s not ideal, but as this season keeps saying, Hell really is no joke.

But rather than desert their family, Matt and Peter stay behind.

It’s hard not to gloat — she apparently had the Devil himself under her Katherine Pierce spell from the second she stepped foot in Hell. As for Elena, her body is hidden away in the boiler room of Mystic Falls High School. Which is what leaves us with the Salvatore brothers arguing over who will be the one to take Katherine back to Hell.

Unfortunately, before he got stuck in a Spin Doctors prison world, Kai (Chris Wood) spelled the boiler room for Katherine so Elena can’t be taken out. Stefan is the better man.” Luckily, Bonnie figures out a long-term Katherine solution from Alaric’s research: Let the hellfire come and then send it back to Hell. Specifically, who will be the one to end their life to save the day?

After reconnecting with Damon after all this time, Elena gives Caroline the confirmation she needed that Stefan got her voicemail.

Then they all remember the life of Stefan Salvatore, who’s “now at peace.” As the Mystic Falls crew moves on with their lives, they’re constantly, unknowingly surrounded by their own friends and family who found their own peace in the afterlife.

Unfortunately, neither throwing her out a window nor snapping her neck incapacitates Vicki for good, and she truly is a woman on a mission — it’s either this or going back to Hell, and the prospect of no longer existing at all is so much better than going back.

So Damon puts Vicki’s brother Matt (Zach Roerig) in charge of trying to talk his big sister down.

And once the bell rings for the 12 time, it goes kaboom with hellfire (as does Vicki), which makes its way through the Mystic Falls tunnels thanks to Bonnie’s spell and directly to the Armory.

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