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Le groupe, qui réalise 45 M€ de CA, entre dans une nouvelle phase de développement, en renforçant sa présence sur les activités d’équipements de chantiers, à forte valeur ajoutée en termes de service, et de solutions modulaires.

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The development capital transaction effected by MBO Partenaires in 2015, alongside Jean-Charles Krompholtz’s management, has provided the group with the means to invest and finance a policy of rapid growth, with the aim of capitalising on its leadership advantage and the implementation of scale effects.

In the meantime, turnover has more than doubled, from €14M to €37M over 3 years.

With their successful track record, Sylvain Loze and his team of key managers now wish to increase significantly their stake in the IPI group.

The transaction, led by MBO Partenaires, will also bring active financial shareholders into IPI’s capital to support the group in its ambitious development plans, which include doubling its size in the next five years.

La société projette ainsi d’atteindre un chiffre d’affaires proche de 30 M€ sur l’année en cours, dont la moitié à l’export.

Les dirigeants souhaitent aujourd’hui accélérer le développement de la société en s’associant à un actionnaire financier référent, capable de les accompagner dans un projet de transformation, au travers d’une structuration et d’un développement ambitieux visant à doubler de taille.This platform gives the company a significant advance and the ability to expand its range of services for announcers.Following a period of growth sustained by the acquisitions of companies specializing in fluids management, the IPI group led by Sylvain Loze has now partnered with MBO Partenaires to deploy its new growth strategy based on: (i) consolidating its presence in France and internationally, (ii) pursuing its active acquisitions policy, and (iii) accelerating its organic growth by developing cross-selling between its three main product ranges (pumps, valves and connections) and diversifying its offering around its one-stop-shop model.Ce produit, unique en son genre, est progressivement devenu une référence grâce à ses propriétés hydratantes, nutritives et adoucissantes.De cette expertise est issue une gamme complète de soins dermo-cosmétiques, qui a la particularité de recevoir aussi bien la caution des dermatologues, des pharmaciens et des maquilleurs professionnels.Based on pay-for-performance, CALOGA’s offer is particularly appreciated by announcers who want to control their return on investment.

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