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Enjoying grades of 4.0 at school and coming from a corn farm in Illinois, Amy Weber is not only smart but more down-home than her on screen appearance portrays... Wow, I listened to your duet with Jeremy Greene, "Ghosts." Beautiful! Reagan, coming from a small town in Illinois, wouldn't tell his Dad he was going off to Chicago to be a radio announcer because his Irish Catholic Dad would try to talk him out of it in fear that his son would go and fail and get hurt. That feeling of no matter what you did it, it would never be good enough.

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I am thankful you are writing a book for young people trying to break into the industry. The book is called "An Insider's guide to making it in Show Business" and is applicable for all ages- even for parents.

I had heard too many horror stories of people either not knowing where to start or being "taken" by scams or predators as you say, so I felt like there a true need for a book that demystified the business. I would walk them across our tennis court to listen to their hooves clip clop and pretend I was riding a horse.

It is so empowering seeing so many young kids supporting us. For me, my thing is when I step in with a non-profit like TWLOHA and people are bullied and are pushed to certain limits and they feel they can’t talk about it, this is where we come in and we say ‘you’re not alone and you are O. and you are loved and you matter.’ That’s something I’m really passionate about. I think it’s really special and I’m thankful that you came here and brought light to what is happening with our youth. People think they can’t but by you and I talking about it, and bringing different parts together, people can feel they are not alone. Starting all the way when we’re little and the messages that we’re given.

What I’ve found while working with young people and sharing their stories is that there is always a memory that teaches them very quickly ‘if I say that, If I do that, it is not safe’, so we don’t create safe spaces for our young people.

I never intended to have three dogs but it works and they each have their own amazing personality!

Shady, the Dachshund is the smallest and he's 10 years old, he thinks he rules the the founder of Radish Creative Group and a former educator, who has dedicated her career to making a difference in the quality of business, education and human life. AW, I’m flattered that you called it a documentary because it is very real, but it’s actually a narrative feature film.As an educator, she was inspired to bring the worlds of education and film production together to serve a greater purpose. This highly acclaimed, revolutionary film, exploring the bully's perspective, is the result of Amy's passionate crusade meant to empower kids of all ages to find their voice and live as their truest selves. It’s fictional but it’s based on what we call a million true stories.I owned a modeling agency for 5 years and I gained such valuable information that I wanted to share along with my own personal experiences as an actress, model and producer myself. My parents would never let me ride because "it was too dangerous." Laugh, of course horse riding through oceans, rainforests and mountain-tops is the first thing I do when I travel around the world now (if I'm not riding elephants, camels or dog sleds).I am currently looking for a reputable publisher to team up with. I helped deliver the kid goats and would bottle feed them. I found in the street who turned out to be a Coton de Tulear and he is the mischievous one.

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