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Some of us just don't need to worry about spending a little extra cash for the sake of the aesthetic.555302First of all, have fun finding a ~pure~ tattoo artist who refuses to copy shit the client hands to them.The only moral line they'll have is copying another tattoo artist. Art theft is horrible, but when a non-tattoo artist has their piece tattooed on someone, they're not losing out on any money because they're not providing that service.She fucked the gaijin hunter she went on a date with and I'll bet money on it.

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first came under fire after posting one of the most entitled videos to ever grace the kawaii sector of You Tube, where she shares the story about how she demanded Angelic Pretty let her return a $1000 dress, despite their no returns policy, because she did the price conversion wrong…

then proceeded to say they probably didn't want to let her return it because the company wasn't doing welldoes a fan mail opening series where her entitled attitude tends to seep through, she has full blown dismissed gifts she deems unworthy and has even used a fan's sign they made her as a ramp for her dogcomplains constantly about being broke, yet can afford things like expensive cosmetic procedures, $600 pink microwaves, a purebred Pomeranian, regular clothing and furniture hauls, along with all sorts of other shit…

This just illustrates how out of touch Alienware is.

I love tattoos and art and used to really look up to Nikko Hurtado but lately seeing him being thirsty on the comment section in Kelly's photos is making me lose respect for him.

The lack of lace and unnatural way the cheap fibers sit makes it look so fake and awkward.

I'm convinced she's only wearing it for trolling purposes at this point.Unless it's like a 2 hour documentary I don't see how editing and coming up with a script is very different from her other videos with voice overs.And how is that one video so all consuming that she can't release other content regularly in the meantime? And where the hell is all of this money for more international trips (aka shopping sprees) coming from?Alienware and other brands don't care about quality, all they care about is big numbers and getting widespread exposure on social media. saged554614Yeah, Kelly definitely doesn't play enough video games or often enough to constitute her as a gamer.I'm not even that picky about who calls themselves gamers either.It's rare.555981It's not even like there aren't decent pink wigs with roots out there.

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