White parents beat daughter for dating black guy

While black males might be able to put on a face of masculinity, they are in general not intelligent enough to FULFILL the face of masculinity. Black males are not intelligent enough to lead, which is why their countries always go to shit.Nothing is more alpha than a leader, blacks are shitty leaders.

white parents beat daughter for dating black guy-43

Nobody except trashy people of either race wants to date a black male, or even female.

There is no race that will generally be okay with mixing with blacks, and I've only touched upon their aesthetics, when you get into their nature, that opens a can of worms.

This is a shitty pill to swallow, but I hope its one that can push you to stick to your own kind. Nubia and Egypt were also more advanced than anything in the Americas.

You wanna know what's the most disgusting thing about Hispanics.... Nubia was powerful enough to go toe to toe with Ancient Rome. Just because your racist handbook omits any information that doesn't serve the WS agenda doesn't mean it's not true. I asked him if he's open to gaming/fucking them.

Europeans came to your ancestral homelands and burned each of your kingdoms to the ground, killed all the men and raped all the women. That's why I'm happy Donald Trump is deporting illegal immigrants. Your story reminds me of a time I was talking to an old PUA buddy. He was coy at first, not really answering me straight.

Colonized your people and turned you into their subjects. If I don't like anything else about the man, I'm happy for that. I told him, "Personally, I just find black girls unattractive." I guess this gave him cover to open up.

And if I had a daughter, I would go to great heights to make sure she does not date a black.

Here's a truth that the MSM and pop culture try to suppress: Blacks are VERY ugly, they have shitty hair, they have giant lips, beady little eyes, massive noses.

Basically, he wouldn't rule the possibility out, but it would require an act of God to change his mind. Half white half black kids have identity issues you wouldnt believe. I'm married to a woman of Sri-Lankan heritage. If they happen to be Indian, I can almost see their red dot charging up for a laser blast. It's because black women are considered unattractive by a lot of people.

They are an outcast to both groups and its takes a toll. She is brown as a mother fucker and my Celtic skin can't handle a cloudy day. The girls, however, are either indifferent or look at her with envy. Couple that with a cultural confidence and the term "queen" and you have a bunch of black women who are jealous and confused. All of their experiences in life will be as a brown person.

So what they do is go way overboard to try and be more black to make up for their inner feelings of not being black enough. They will not relate to you, a white man, at all hardly.

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