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He had to adjust his position and soon lay beside her, his generous cock rock hard and pressed against his daughter's thigh. " Jo teased and slipped a hand between their bodies to grasp his erection. Jo felt her father's firm hand slip up over her ribs to close over her breast. She loved the way his palm grazed lightly over her nipple.

He pinched it between thumb and finger harder with each repetition.

The Dark Room has always been one of my favourite stories and for a long time I felt bad that I'd left it hanging. Some 8 years after I originally published this story on Literotica, you can now read the final instalment. I loved the plug in my bum and seeing how wide Sarah stretched herself was awesome." "Just when I thought my little girl couldn't get any kinkier," Dave mused aloud. She seized it in one hand and lowered her mouth over the tip and sucked noisily. She wrapped a hand around the shaft and pumped it to enhance the pleasure. "Maybe I didn't quite think that through," he laughed. I don't really want to do it here on the couch," Jo said to her father. She giggled when her father leapt up with a start once he managed to drag his gaze away from her panty-clad bottom. It was a very different kiss from any goodnight kiss they'd shared when Jo was little.

I hope you enjoy it and I certainly hope that the continuity works as it picks up immediately after Chapter 2. "If you do that too much, I'll explode before I get anywhere near your bum," he moaned. Jo sprawled out on her bed and as her father caught up with her, stretched luxuriously so that her hard little nipples thrust against her white t-shirt. Their tongues entwined together and played in each other's mouths.

Dave breathed in the aroma of his daughter's pleasure and then placed a kiss exactly where she'd asked for it. Dave ran his tongue over the crotch of her panties before Jo grabbed them and pulled them aside to reveal her wet lips. " She felt him slip his tongue between her slick lips and run up her slit and back down again.

He thrust it into her tight hole and wiggled it about.

His finger slid from her pussy and slipped down and around her puckered anus.

Jo squirmed and wriggled on the bed as the finger teased at her tight little butt hole. The combination of his finger in her bum and his tongue on her clitoris was enough to cause her to orgasm. She felt the muscles of her pussy spasm and contract. She could only imagine how good it would feel when it was his cock buried in her.

He paused to lick and suck each of her nipples through her t-shirt before he moved further south.

He hovered with his pursed lips over her panty-clad mound and looked up to meet her gaze.

She purred as he repeatedly drove his cock inside her and stretched her lips around its girth. He'd just have to do the right thing and get it up again for her! He gasped and panted from the rapid, energetic effort.

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