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Forward, blunt, and passionate are all traits people tend to call intimidating in women that I absolutely adore. There are some women too aggressive and admant and impulsive for me to date. If there's a particular guy you like who you think finds you intimidating, then act particularly friendly and accepting of him. Now, at 40, a year after divorcing, I find that men are strongly attracted to the very qualities that gave me problems when I was young. So I'm telling you :)If you peruse my comment history, you'll see where I talk a lot about relationships, sex, and so on. There's less 'growing up' and 'men becoming more confident' than you think. BUT, in high school you are surrounded by other guys and your friends.Sometimes, intimidating can also mean controlling, aggressive, etc... Most often, though, I think it means a woman is too impressive or too much of a.... There's a few wild stories in there too ;) Probably not all that applicable to you young-un's though. When you say I like Susie, and EVERY guy you know nods and says something like 'yeah, Susie's pretty hot', you get damn intimidated by other guys. A major where you are completely surrounded by guys who have similar interests as you (engineering).Would you be intimidated if you said you like Adam and ALL your girlfriends said 'oh god yeah, Adam is sexy as hell'?

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I was just searching some stuff in the Ask Gender related subreddits in relation to men that find women intimidating, because i have been told i come off as intimidating.

There were a range of answers but a few times i saw people implying that if a guy thinks you're "intimidating", then it means he is not attracted to you. EDIT: if it makes any difference i'm 17 years old and the people that have told me i'm intimidating are generally around my age EDIT 2: also, if you thought a girl was intimidating or unapproachable or whatever, and then she approached YOU instead: would you, 1) find her unattractive BECAUSE she's intimidating2)if you DID find her unattractive, would HER approaching YOU change your opinion that she is unattractive When I say I find a girl intimidating, I think I actually mean that she's unapproachable or unobtainable. A high school kid thinks the hottest girl in school is intimidating, because he doesn't think he's as attractive as her, and he'd never have a chance with her.

I have two teenage kids (a boy and a girl), not yet dating, so the question of high-school-aged relationships has been on my mind lately.

My remark about age was coming more from the perspective of developmental psychology, plus how college puts you into contact with a larger pool of compatible people.

Was reacting to your guys that age are really really insecure and afraid of rejection comment.

Assumed your next comment was related, it wasn't.

I get jumpy anytime young men are portrayed in a negative light and older men are preferred.

I think it's a very ignored facet of sexism that has much broader and deeper effects than most will admit. I didn't intend for my comment to be read that way.

The "intimidation" probably stems from the idea that I don't see any chance with her.

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