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Furthermore, they were able to verify that the force was not generated by something other than the test system.While the result may be significantly smaller than those obtained by Chinese scientists, it’s still a positive result, which is impressive to say the least.Unser Chat-Feature bringt Sie nach dem Zufallsprinzip mit einem Cam-Girl oder einem Cam-Boy zusammen.

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However, the researchers were not able to establish the nature of the thrust measurement, or define if there were any other factors obscuring their results.

Working microwave thrusters have the potential to revolutionize spaceflight and while this latest research makes no promises, it’s certainly tantalizing.

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The Em Drive is the invention of British scientist Roger Shawyer, who proposed in 1999 that based on the theory of special relativity, electricity converted into microwaves and fired within a closed cone-shaped cavity causes the microwave particles to exert more force on the flat surface at the large end of the cone (i.e.there is less combined particle momentum at the narrow end due to a reduction in group particle velocity), thereby generating thrust.

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