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She’s a beautiful young girl, but her looks are not the only thing she exceeds in. Dani and Bella nodded their heads in tandem and it was adorable how the two sisters were so in sync. The seven year old was asking me if she could fuck me at the ceremony! I’ll be there during all of this.” “Good.” she said simply and, skipping back to her door, opened it and went inside. Last year it was the mansions of well known Hotel magnates, a former Governor and an actor of a series of action-adventure movies you have all seen, all of whom probably ought to remain unnamed.

That means I have only four years left to enjoy the pleasures of the Bacchanalia…and my mistress.

She shares my birth year and, in addition, shares my enthusiasm for these last few years. My mistress had a few names in mind for this years initiation. ” Dani said, laughing, and, I think, a little appalled. Then, looking at Bella, I said, “Yes, Bella, I’m a magnificent fuck.” To which she replied. You can teach me some stuff.” “I will teach you what I taught your sister.” Part 2 Bacchanalia Day One To call these celebrations elaborate is an understatement.

But since Dani had been so enthusiastic about our practices, I held out hope her little sister would follow suit. ” “Picking someone up,” I replied, “I think you two know her? I had not answered her question and now she knew I was not going to. My mistress knows this and she has consented.” “I didn’t think she could just change the rules.” Dani said. She had known me 60 seconds and she was already set to go off in a strange car with me. If it’s not there already, the girl is simply inappropriate for initiation. Guy on guy, girl on girl, guy on girl, whatever.” “Guy on guy? I looked over at Dani as if to say, See, now look what you’ve done? ” Ryan asked, surprising me further with her vocabulary. “Or when they copulate.” “When they fuck each other up the ass.” Dani finished. “Yes, as long as you do not break your hymen.” “Cool! Our first day involved a great deal of preparation. You won’t see them again today.” “But, Dani is still coming, right? “Now we take you to the Nestling room.” The Nestling room is set up a little like a classroom, in that is contains a few desks for the children to sit at.

“That’s just a fancy word for house, sweetie.” I said, breaking my eye contact with Dani to anser her question. “Exception can be made.” The truth was we planned to lie. She has more talent than any three of the girls that would be at the Bacchanalia (and I would know…I put the guest list together). Of course, she was going with her friend Bella, so… Ryan sat next to me, dressed in this cute little powder blue number with a pink shirt underneath that plunged a little, showing skin. Gorgeous smile, beautiful, crystal blue eyes and an infectious attitude, she led the conversation between herself and her friend Bella. ” The “It” she was talking about was the first part of the initiation. It was simply “The first part.” For those of you who do not know, this is how we induct the young one’s into the society. Now, I know what you’re thinking and I assure you, it’s nothing harmful…or “mystical.” Madam Simila uses a number of post-hypnotic suggestions to make sure the girl’s have an interest in the Bacchanalia. For the rest…well, let’s say it gives their budding libido something of a jump start. I shot her another look and she just smiled, knowing she was making me go at this, the explanation, out of order. I dare say I may be the only sex slave with a support staff. Outside of that, the room can be set up any way the preparer wants.

You can go to a bungalow (small hotel) and ask the staff to find you a girl or girls. Please search this place in Bali X Map or use the search field on the top left. I mean you have to deal the PLUS part with the massasue.

If you like you can take, but if you don't just ask him to get more. None of places in Bali have a complete PLUS service.

Twenty minutes later, pretty little Bella tugged on my shirt. “For the record,” Michelle said, circling behind the couple, “I would have also accepted ‘dick, ‘cock,’ ‘tool,’ ‘balls’ and ‘scrotum’ for his sex organs and ‘tits,’ ‘pussy,’ ‘clit,’ or ‘labia’ for hers.” She was joking, of course, but the girls laughed and it got the point across. “One other thing before we go on.” She motioned to the couple and they unceremoniously turned around and bent over. To stay on topic, however, as with the other sex organs, penetration is not always necessary for anal stimulation.

“She’s here.” she said, Ryan following right behind her. Michelle used the woman as an example, spreading the young woman’s butt cheeks. Rimming, the manipulation of the anus by the mouth and tongue, is also common.

We talked a little about the Bacchanalia, about how it was still a week away, how many people would be there, how much fun it would be and I became quite convinced that Bella’s parents had told her next to nothing about the ceremonies. In minutes, our limo was sailing up to the Newman household. “Domicile.” I repeated, amused, and let the ladies exit the car first. Exceptions can be made, but not about something like this. Ryan Newman, much like the Thorne girls, hadn’t really been in much. But, from the second you meet Ryan, you know somethings different. Dani, I could tell, found her terribly alluring as well. I mean, there really are not any eight and nine year olds clamoring to join a sex cult! In addition, she also plants a few controls, commands, that make sure the larger group has nothing to worry about. Back in the car, it was up to me now to explain what the girls would see, and do, at the Bacchanalia. I almost said something but then the two had more questions. “It’s very important you are both virgins at the beginning of the third night.” “Virgins.” Bella said. Weeks were spent on the groundwork for the event, invitations, decorations, coordinations with the hosts, the issues that always come up… A few things that are necessary, however, is a large staging area, usually to the children’s left, a separate door for people to come in and out of near the staging area and a large screen TV. I motioned to Ryan and Bella and they sat at two of the desks with padded chairs in the front of the “class.” Dani sat at the back of the room.

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