Waiting and dating review

You can also add an explanation to any question you answer.

I could have attached a note that said “I’m waiting till marriage to have sex, but I’d consider kissing, etc.

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Here’s an example of some of OKCupid’s user-created quiz questions… ”, “No”, and “Only after the wedding”, respectively.

And then I decided that anybody I would date should feel the same so I selected the same answers under the “Answers I’ll accept” category.

Ok Cupid is the world’s most popular free dating website.

Unlike other dating sites like and eharmony.com, which require you to pay monthly, you can use (nearly) the full extent of OKCupid’s features completely for free (they make most of their money on advertisements like Google and Facebook do).

Although it doesn’t seem like there’s many people who are waiting, this could be chalked up to how shy users are.

I would guess that most people who are waiting don’t fly that flag very high.

I specified “Mandatory” on many of my questions regarding sex and many of my matches weren’t even close in that category.

Ok Cupid matches users on ethics, sex, religion, lifestyle and dating.

I performed a search and specified the location as ‘anywhere’ to include, in theory, every user on Ok Cupid.

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