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If you use one of our official SDKs, proper back-offs and retries are already included.

The following is an example of what the JSON payload may look like: Encoding is hard work and it's quicker to request an encode than to execute it.

Any customers can flood our systems with requests in just a second, and these could be very valid requests.

We always have 300% spare capacity on standby to deal with peaks, but sometimes that does not suffice and we have to scale up.

We enforce rate limits to guarantee that no customers are adversely affected by the usage of any given customer.

Bulk imports and buggy integration code can result in too many requests being sent in a short period of time, leading to excessively high bills or increased queue times.

We have two hard In our experience, this satisfies even enterprise-level usage, but enterprise accounts are free to contact us if they require higher limits.

The limits are in place mostly to shield customers from other customer's "infinite loop"-type of programming bugs.

To avoid being impacted by degraded performance due to this you can do two things: 1.

Get higher makes sure media processing is handled in an asynchronous way, so 2 minutes queue-time won't block the end-user experience.

We offer ready-to-use and well-maintained SDKs for most major programming languages and platforms and generally recommend to use them.

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