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Do you have your eye on a special someone this holiday season?

Or maybe the holiday glee is making you feel daring enough to approach a cute stranger under the mistletoe.

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This is the first year of the newly re-branded which provides a free screening of two different superhero-themed movies, Monday through Friday at 11am and 2pm, every day leading up to FANDEMICON.

With such an interesting name, I had to ask Joshua how he came up with the title FANDEMICON.

There is a conscious inclusion of all Fan-types and while superheroes and comics are a major focus, it’s really about whatever the individual’s fandom is about.

This is sure to be an exciting family-focused event.

“Hey, let me take you out on a first date in the snow—I promise I’m not a flake-y person.” 5. “If you were a tree, you’d be an evergreen, because I bet you look this good year-round.” 9.

“How about you show me peace on Earth and I’ll show you good will toward men? “Call me Rudolph, because you just sleighed me.” 7. On Saturday, August 22, the Utica Public Library will hold its first pop culture convention, FANDEMICON!The convention is open from am to pm and is a full day of free family-friendly fandom fun!He was inspired to bring this event to the area because of the success of festivals and conventions at other libraries.There is a growing prevalence of geek/nerd/comic book influence in pop culture right now can be seen everywhere; cinematic blockbusters, top-rated television shows, and a recent resurgence of the graphic novel.If you’re all about flaunting your ugly Christmas sweater in the singles’ scene, then we have 20 hilarious pick-up lines for you that will catch any guy’s attention (though we can’t guarantee you’ll actually get his number).

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