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However, the cost keeps rising if you decide to hire a professional.

There also arises the issue of what happens when you decide to update or add content to your online training course.

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Microsoft has a tradition of adding new text-to-speech voices in the new versions of its operating system.

Windows Vista presented Anna to the World, which retained even in Windows 7.

It also constitutes a tool that makes the life of auditory learners much easier.

In this article, I’ll present the top 10 text to speech software for e Learning.

Windows Update is a Microsoft service for the Windows 9x and Windows NT families of operating system, which automates downloading and installing software updates over the Internet.

The service delivers software updates for Windows, as well as the various Microsoft antivirus products, including Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials.The image bellow lists all packs installed, which came by default in my Windows 8 installation. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?But it is not supported on windows 8, so how can I install more packs? var microsoft = microsoft Tags: , ,