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In general, spread footings should be made as close to square as possible.

The length to width ratio of footings supporting individual columns should not exceed 2.0, except on structures where the ratio of longitudinal to transverse loads or site constraints makes use of such a limit impractical. rock cuts, river bluffs, etc.) shall be located so that the footing is founded beyond a prohibited region established by a line inclined from the horizontal passing through the toe of the slope as shown in Figure 751.38.1.2.

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Exceptions to this provision shall only be made with specific approval of the Geotechnical Section and shall only be granted if overall stability can be demonstrated as provided in EPG 751.38.7.

Footings located near to soil slopes shall be evaluated for overall stability as provided in EPG 751.38.7 unless they are located a minimum distance of 2B beyond the crest of the slope.

Similarly, references to provisions within the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications are indicated as “LRFD XXX. Footings shall be founded to bear a minimum of 36 in.

below the finished elevation of the ground surface.Values for design parameters q, m and s shall be taken as mean values for the rock between the base of the footing and a depth of B below the base of the footing.Values for should similarly reflect the variability of the mean uniaxial compressive strength for the rock over the same depth range.The boundary of the prohibited region shall be established by the Geotechnical Section.For the purposes of this provision, the toe of the slope shall be the point on the slope that produces the most severe location for the active zone.Footing size shall be proportioned so that stresses under the footing are as uniform as practical at the service limit state.

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