Updating pkg config

In order to install the proper version of the Web Drivers you need to know what version of High Sierra 10.13.x you are using and the (Build Number) If you are not sure which build of 10.13.

updating pkg config-57

To regain access we need to prevent the Nvidia drivers from starting up on boot to do that enter your recovery partiton: If an attempt is made to install the web drivers in High Sierra 10.13 without SIP enabled a warning will popup that the drivers may not install correctly.

To prevent that warning from showing and ensuring the web drivers are installed properly we need to enable SIP temporarily.

See: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201260 Nvidia Web Drivers: Below is a link with a list of available Nvidia Web Drivers for High Sierra.

Note: High Sierra 10.13.3 the Web Drivers are currently causing all sorts of issues.

The purpose of this guide is to document all of the paths available to you for interacting and shaping Ansible with code, ranging from developing modules and plugins to helping to develop the Ansible Core Engine via pull requests.

To get started, select one of the following topics.

Package managers are charged with the task of finding, installing, maintaining or uninstalling software packages upon the user's command.

Typical functions of a package management system include: Computer systems that rely on dynamic library linking, instead of static library linking, share executable libraries of machine instructions across packages and applications.

At this point when you boot into mac OS there should be graphical support and no rebooting.

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