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) cushion to sit on power drill with screwdriver bits to speed up the process Turn off the power to the outlet you are working on. Inspect the outlet and see if you have the same amp replacement outlet.I highly recommend putting a night light or light in the outlet and turn it on. If the tester lights up, you need to back up and turn off the power to the outlet! (Usually there are marking denoting 15A 125V or 20A 120V on the silver tabs, on the back or near the screw hole in the middle of the outlet.)6.Then shut off the circuit at your circuit breaker and check to see that the light has gone out. Turn off your power, double check both outlets with your light to make sure the power is out to both top and bottom outlets.2. If it doesn’t light up, then check the bottom outlet as well. Note which wires are attached to the outlet and where.

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This is a picture of my Dad, my sisters and me teaching him all we knew about bows, barrettes and bobby pins. A healthy fear of electricity will make you more cautious, so don’t lose that fear. And, I promise I will show you step-by-step instructions.

I know several of you would never think of taking apart your outlet. It is a good thing to double and triple check your safety when working with electricity. I highly recommend performing outlet replacements during daylight hours (or have a lamp that you can plug into an extension cord from another room.) Also, don’t let your little ones watch you, we don’t want them to stick a screwdriver in the outlet when you aren’t looking.

The other side of the outlet should have gold screws and/or markings indicating hot wires (the black wires).

And one screw towards the bottom that is green, this screw is for your bare or ground wire.14.

I didn’t remember exactly what he taught me, but I do remember the feeling that – yes, I can do this myself!

Being the father of three girls, Dad taught us all the things he would have taught a son.

Not only is this frustrating, but it is also a fire hazard.

Old outlets should be replaced for safety reasons (but, hey, I’m okay if you just want to change them to a pretty white outlet.)I distinctly remember my father showing me how to wire an outlet when I was about eight years old.

While many were simply worn out, I don't care for the contemporary look of white outlets and switches.

Some people change their electrical devices simply for color preferences.

I turned off the circuit breaker that supplied the room I was working on.

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