Updating initial configuration polycom

Ive found if i hit * to program and set all settings (phone ip, router, subnet, vlan etc etc) it does appear to boot up and go through its sequences faster... Very interested to see what Dave G has in his .cfg's or other files to get further.

Of course, once it came up I did a reset on it (mute button then RESET# (73738#)) to make sure it pulled DHCP and all other correct values. Also, make sure you have option 242 set in your DHCP scope, without this it's a mess.

I'm still stuck at getting a 1692 to read files from an http server.

Couldn't get them out of this loop for the life of me, until I pressed * to set my values manually and changed the IP.

Literally, that's all I did, change the IP to something I hadn't used before and it worked perfectly.

I just setup a new Free PBX server and am using the Endpoint Manager to provision Polycom IP: 430’s, 501’s and 550’s. Aug 24, 2006 (it does see the provisioning server and does grab an IP address) I have also tried the firmware (slot 2, Polycom 1.01) which is the same bootrom version but one is lync and the other is non-lync.

The 501’s and 550’s seem to work normally as far as grabbing the firmware (slot 1, Polycom 1.07) and being able to call between phones. This is my first Free PBX server and first time setting up a SIP server, so please answer in Layman’s. I am not able to upgrade a 1692 polycom to the 1.0 load. All I have in the DHCP scope is a dummy Callserver IP and an HTTP server address. I have tried it in production but can not even get it to grab an IP address there. By pressing "* to prgram" at initial boot, the # key enables the following values to be seen (will show if/what it has pulled in from DHCP) Phone (IP) Call Sv Call Sv Port Router Mask File Sv File Sv Type Boot Server User name Boot Server Password 8021.It gets stuck looking for a 004f2e43b97file not found. Q VLANID I have 242 options set to "MCIPADD=x.x.x.x, MCPORT=1719, HTTPSRVR=x.x.x.x" and verified that the phone is pulling this information in. I'm having some trouble too, but I think you've got further than me. Once I can get as far as you, I can help resolve the issue you are describing. I received a 1692 today and am working with it in the lab...Also are you using VLANs to seperate voice from non voice?

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