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Regional governments were instituted for Ottawa-Carleton in 1969 and for the Niagara region in 1970.Thirty years later the provincial government imposed amalgamation on municipalities in the Ottawa and Hamilton areas.

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One major initiative was the creation of an enlarged Toronto out of six municipalities in 1998.

However, the amalgamation did not produce the anticipated economies of scale.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services provides social assistance to those without an income and funds for shelters for the homeless and for women and children fleeing domestic violence, as well as services for people with disabilities.

Poverty among Indians, marginal farmers, and city dwellers is of continuing concern, but the proportion of the population receiving public assistance has remained fairly constant at a relatively low level.

Stability and one-party dominance were the mark of Ontario politics from the time of Canadian federation until the later 20th century.

The only aberration in more than a century was provided by the United Farmers of Ontario, which governed in coalition with the Independent Labour Party from 1919 to 1923.

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In Hamilton and Toronto the measure was initially unpopular, but in the Ottawa area the measure had considerable support.

The Ontario Provincial Police carries out law enforcement on both provincial and local levels.

The last, founded in 1961, represents an amalgamation of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and sections of the trade union movement.

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