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A board without bylaws would be analogous to an invertebrate animal, lacking a backbone.

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How, for example, would members and officers be selected—and for what terms and under what conditions?

How would vital information about meetings and actions be conveyed?

Later discussions affirmed the wisdom of the less-drastic strategy.

For starters, even skeptics on the board agreed that some bylaws were essential, even though their content might be more artfully condensed and simplified.

So where on this grid of institutional structure do the bylaws fit?

The bylaws should be placed high enough to garner recognized authority and durability, yet also be able to be relatively easily amended and revised when needs and circumstances change.

While few, if any, of the other regents were emotionally attached to the current bylaws—a subject that seldom engages boards with much passion or urgency—they urged the chair to be cautious.

She ultimately relented and suggested instead that a judicious pruning of the too-elaborate set of bylaws might well suffice.

At the top of the governance pyramid, of course, is the institution’s charter or state constitution or other statutory imperative.

Below the bylaws are a host of provisions, including board-approved resolutions, myriad policies that implement delegated authority, and an abundance of day-to-day operating procedures without which the institution could not possibly operate.

It is wise to avoid any and all bylaws that are not imperative in favor of more flexible policies or procedures that might well suffice on legal and policy grounds.

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