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It’s hardly the norm in pop culture, but plenty of TV couples gradually turned into real ones, typically, at least, in part because of how close they were on screen.This isn’t even mentioning the numerous shows that realized this sort of chemistry couldn’t always be faked and thus hired actual husbands and wives or boyfriends and girlfriends to play those roles in fiction as well.The plot development came late in the show after Feeny started working at Cory’s college, but in some respects, it was a moment the actors had probably been wanting to relive for decades.

As time went on, countless TV shows have focused on the subject of romance entirely, with all the main characters either in committed relationships or attempting desperately to find one.

Of course, outside of reality shows, this is all just make-believe crafted by brilliant writers and played out by actors who may or may not actually care about each other in the slightest. Sometimes, when a person’s job is pretending they’re in love with someone else, to the extent they’ve fake made out (or more) a thousand times plus, the emotions start feeling real.

In real life, Linda Cardellini and Jason Segel weren’t so constricted by time, as they started dating during the show’s taping and stayed together another five years after it was canceled.

was about the titular character, an irascible and often hilarious misanthrope of a doctor who nonetheless was responsible for saving countless lives.

When a TV couple turns into a real one, fans get their wish, but the results may be a little surprising.

Keep reading to learn about 15 TV couples you never knew really dated.Leading the charge was Lindsay Weir, a high school student whose grandmother recently died, causing her to make some major life changes and start hanging out with a more woke crowd than the average Michigan teenager.Included amongst these newfound friends, albeit not exactly “woke,” preferring to spend life high as a kite, was Nick Andopolis.think about the dating life of the show’s characters, ninety-nine times out of one hundred, their minds will immediately go to Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence--and with good reason.Those two crazy kids really were the dream couple of the show, but they were hardly the only people in Philadelphia falling in love as they wandered through this road that we call life.In recent years, fans of these couples on the Internet have gone so far as to designate them OTPs, meaning “One True Pairs”—couples so perfect all humans should aspire to be part of one like them.

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