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His pursuit of Yamazaki brought him to Southtown and the battle for the scrolls.

An African-American boxer who seeks to test his skills out against many opponents.

He competed in the first game, but after losing from within the competition, had decided to retire from mainstream fighting, though he does help train Axel Hawk from time to time.

Works under Geese during the original Geese Howard's British right-hand man.

He wields a staff that freely separates into multiple chained sections, and which he can light on fire.

Out of spite and jealously, Geese had killed Jeff in front of him, and both Terry and Andy seek revenge against him.

After countless battles and many struggles, Terry defeats Geese from within their last fight at the top of Geese's personal tower building (The younger brother of Terry and a Mc Ninja.An Italian-American former kickboxing Super Heavyweight champion whose great strength is matched only by his big heart.Having retired from kickboxing, he was working as an airplane mechanic in Southtown when his son was kidnapped by Yamazaki to draw him into the battle for Jin's secret scrolls.He is the best friend and friendly rival of both Bogard brothers and helped them fight against Geese and his henchmen in the first game. A street breakdancer who appears in the first game as one of the competitors.In the second game, he opens a nightclub (alongside King), but still fights every now and then. A Brazilian Capoeira master who happens to be the owner of the Pao Pao Cafe, a popular Southtown drinking spot.He was taught a basic form of Shuranui ninjitsu by Mai's grandfather Hanzo.

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