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With hot summers, warm winters, and very little rainfall throughout the year, Tunisia is a great year round destination.The sands of southern Tunisia are some of the most famous in the world, however they may be better known to us as the desert planet Tatooine from the Star Wars series. Look for our Adult Fried Finder members by period, sexual preference, position and lots of of them have their images posted too! Discover your sex partner today on Adult Fried Finder.com!!

Release your inner Jedi with a trip to the childhood home of Luke Skywalker or a walk down the streets of Mos Espa.

Once the capital of an ancient civilisation, the ruins of Carthage still stand today allowing holidaymakers to explore marvels such as the Baths of Antonius, the third largest Roman baths ever built.

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Take to the seas to reach this island paradise where you can enjoy a day of sailing, sunbathing and swimming, with a side of bird-watching on the pristine white sands.

Situated on a small peninsula within the seaside resort of Hammamet, La Badira is contemporary in concept, but evokes traditional Islamic architectural elements - arched terraces, domed ceilings, columned walkways and reflective pools, complemented by well-tended grounds planted with olive trees and date palms.

are charging a sustainable tourism tax on all overnight stays which will be payable on arrival in the hotel for all guests aged 12 or over: Please be aware that the Islamic holy month of Ramadan will take place between 05/05/2019 and 04/06/2019.

Tunisia benefits from a mixture of Mediterranean climates in the north and desert climates in the south, offering nearly year-round sunshine and warm temperatures across the country.

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