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HES stops viruses attacking from the outside, while Worry-Free Advanced offers protection in the event of an inside attack, such as a virus released from a personal email account that goes on to threaten Microsoft® Outlook® or Exchange.Cooper’s first Worry-Free Advanced installation was for one of Micro Consultants’ bigger customers.Cooper’s job extends to troubleshooting email issues, including problems with Microsoft® Exchange.

“A lot of our customers praise the computers we build for them,” said Mike Cooper, network engineer for Micro Consultants.

Micro Consultants serves clients in multiple industries, ranging from small operations to offices with 80 to 100 desktops.

The company keeps a large inventory of computer parts and can usually take apart a computer and deliver it back to a customer within 24 hours.

Besides building computers, the company monitors servers and backups.

“If HES is detecting multiple viruses, we know we have a reason for concern,” he added.

Since HES is a hosted solution, Micro Consultants can block emails in the cloud before they reach customer machines and scan an Exchange server for viruses.

About four virus attacks were hitting their customers each week.

These customers were not only complaining about the viruses and malware, they needed Micro Consultants to clean out their computers quickly and get them back into production.

Cooper sought a better way to satisfy customer needs and streamline email management.

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