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In other news, last night I went to see Doug Gillard play in the last night of his residency at Piano’s over there on the Lower East Side.

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The fun Valentines Day edition will be held on February 10th, 2016 at Bar Food LA on Wilshire, complete with food, drinks, romance and murder!

The event is actual speed dating, in which prospective daters will have five minutes to sit across from each other and try to make the perfect first impression.

"Part of the appeal of speed dating is that you get a face-to-face date," continues Horwitz.

"The twist that it might be a killer sitting across from you gives it just a little bit of spice and if anything," says Horwitz, “it’s an icebreaker.

“It might just be crazy enough to work,” mused Dave Hill, the comedian and author who’s now embarking on his second venture in “alt” romantic encounters.

It’s Speed Metal Dating, happening this weekend at Saint Vitus!

So bring your charm and your smarts, or you might be sized up by someone who wants to use your face as a mask.

"The response has been incredibly positive so far," said Abel Horwitz, creator of Serial Killer Speed Dating, "and we wanted to throw a party for the holiday of love, or Single’s Awareness Day, however you choose to celebrate." Horwitz and his performers (who remain secret, as they will be interacting with the daters) have noted that the mystery of a potential killer sitting across from you brings a unique edge to each date.

“So speed dating is like real life, but just in a little, manageable dose.

Maybe you think that, on sight, ‘That person is not the one for me,’ but then you talk to them and realize, ‘Oh my god, we both love Dio-era Black Sabbath, this is my dream date.’ Or whatever.'” Even if this whole dating thing seems like a silly spectator sport you’d much rather watch than engage in, or if you just think that hetero dating practices are in general pretty silly, Hill encourages people who aren’t participating in the actual speeding to come hang out, listen to some sick metal tunes, and have some drinks.

However, hidden among the daters will be a few "serial killers" just "dying" to meet them.

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