The little black book of dating secrets

It was like hamburger meat' Robert Straley was sent to the Dozier School in 1963 for running away from home.He was 13 years old and, as he tells The Independent on Sunday, he got into trouble straight away.

For years, almost no one at the Dozier School even knew about the burial ground in a clearing in the woods on the edge of campus. The soil here, churned in places by tiny ants, holds more than the remains of little boys.

Only now is it starting to give up its dark secrets: horror stories of state-sanctioned barbarism, including flogging, sexual assault and, possibly, murder.

In a book that Roger Dean Kiser eventually wrote about his time at the school – The White House Boys: an American Tragedy – he called it a "concentration camp for little boys".

Robert Straley, who has built a web site called, was 13 when he was remanded there.

When it was closed in 2011, it had already been the subject of separate federal and state investigations.

But, as suspicions deepen about how the boys in the burial ground died, pressure is growing again on the state to shine new light into the darkest days of the school in Marianna, a Florida Panhandle town that once was a bastion of the KKK and the site of the 1934 lynching of Claude Neal."They took me to see a dormitory and the bunks were packed in so tight they were right up against each other.There were 50 or more kids and no one was awake watching them."The ones that got the most beating were the 11-year-olds.They liked to beat the little ones because they didn't have to be afraid of them coming back after them with a brick in the hands."I was 105lb then and I was already being pushed around a little in the dormitory.

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