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Gifts Given After the School Year: If a teacher gets a gift after the school year has ended and grades have been reported, and the gift is one that she may accept because the giver did not contribute to the class gift and the item given is worth less than , she need not file a disclosure unless she expects to perform official duties in relation to the student again, because if she will not have further contact with the student, there will be no appearance that she might unduly favor the student.Expenses paid by parents: You may permit the parents of students to pay your travel expenses as a chaperone for a school-sponsored trip provided that you fill out two disclosure forms, give them to your appointing authority, and obtain prior written approval of what you wish to do.

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Therefore, if an individual gift is offered, before accepting it, the teacher must confirm that the giver did not contribute to the class gift. Parents may give gifts to the classroom or the school in accordance with the rules of the school district.

A teacher who is offered an end of the year gift worth less than $50 by someone who did not contribute to a class gift may accept it, after confirming by asking that the giver did not contribute to the class gift. A teacher who receives such a gift must keep receipts documenting that the money was used for classroom supplies.

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Public school teachers – teachers who work for school districts, regional schools, and charter schools -- are subject to the conflict of interest law, G. Teachers and other public employees may accept gifts that are worth less than $50, but they have to disclose in writing the fact that that they have done so if, based on the circumstances, a reasonable person would think that the teacher might unduly show favor to the giver or the giver’s child because of the gift. A single class gift worth up to $150, or several class gifts during the school year with a total value up to $150, may be given.

The following topics are covered: Gifts: Public employees, including teachers, are prohibited by Sections 3 and 23(b)(2) of the conflict of interest law from accepting gifts worth $50 or more that are given to them because of the position they hold, or because of some action they could take or have taken in their position. Under the exemption, the parents and students of a class, acting together, may give a gift worth up to $150 to a teacher, provided that the gift is identified only as being from the class, and the names of the givers and the amounts given are not identified to the teacher.

This information sheet answers some questions about the law frequently asked by teachers. Class Gifts: The Commission created an exemption in its regulations at 930 CMR 5.08(14) to permit class gifts to teachers in certain circumstances.

These forms are available on the website at State Employee Disclosure Forms.

Teachers employed by a school district should use the Financial interest disclosure form for appointed municipal employees.

Before beginning to plan a field trip that will involve paid-for travel, the teacher should fill out a disclosure form and obtain prior written approval.

Charter school teachers should use the Appointed state employees financial interest disclosure form.

A teacher who accepts a gift worth less than from a student or parent during the school year must file a disclosure if she will continue to teach the student during the rest of the year and the gift is valuable enough that it might create an appearance that she would unduly favor the student.

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