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They were thus able to maintain contact with their homelands during their far-flung campaigns and to transmit messages with surprising speed. As he advanced upon his conquests he established pigeon relay posts across Asia and much of eastern Europe.

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Messengers have been employed in war since ancient times and still constitute a valuable means of communication.

Alexander, Hannibal, and Caesar each developed an elaborate system of relays by which messages were carried from one messenger post to another by mounted messengers traveling at top speed.

The beam was interrupted by a key-operated shutter that permitted the formation of the dots and dashes of the Morse code. Because consistency and regularity of sunshine were important, the heliograph was never widely adopted throughout the armies of continental Europe.

Where climatic conditions were favourable this instrument found much use, notably by the British army in India and the U. The invention of the telephone in 1876 was not followed immediately by its adoption and adaptation for military use. Army in the Spanish-American War, by the British in the South African (Boer) War, and by the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War.

Immediately before and during the Civil War visual signaling also received added impetus through development of a system, applying the Morse code of dots and dashes, that spelled out messages with flags by day and lights or torches by night.

Another development for light signaling placed a movable shutter, controlled by a key, in front of a strong light.At the same time that these elementary methods of signal communication were being evolved on land, a comparable development was going on at sea.Early signaling between naval vessels was by prearranged messages transmitted by flags, lights, or the movement of a sail.In the American Civil War (1861–65), wide use was made of the electric telegraph.In addition to its employment in spanning long distances under the civilian-manned military telegraph organization, mobile field service was provided in the Union army by wagon trains equipped with insulated wire and lightweight poles for the rapid laying of telegraph lines.Another instrument was added to the techniques for visual signaling through the development of the heliograph.

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