Teen dating violence activities Sexy fre webchat

Other games look like “Guitar Hero,” or old-fashioned Atari games.

Prerequisites Before beginning this activity, watch the video listed below or preview the clips on the Web.

Learn more about dating violence by visiting the Web sites listed at the end of this activity.

It's not like a blow." Stop the tape when you see a group of young people in a classroom and one of them says, "If you gotta hit on your woman, I don't think you should be in that relationship.

One of you is going to have to get out." Give the group a moment to individually think about the clip that they just watched.

Then, ask the group, "What emotions did you feel when watching the clip?

" Some answers may include: sadness, confusion, anger at the abuser, anger at the victim, helplessness. Ask the group to think back to the questions that were posed before watching the clip.“I figured I better start something a little less tangible,” he says.So, eventually, he started a video game contest: the Life. Game Design Challenge, which is now in its sixth year, and just announced its 2013 winners.When the students enter the classroom, give each person ten red sticker dots and ten green sticker dots (or one red and one green marker).Explain to the group, "There are ten statements hung around the room.The group will be discussing the video and doing an activity based on the video.

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