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We have inner villains lurking in the dark shadows of our own hearts and minds, keeping us scared and off the paths that can lead to amazing opportunities.

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They don’t fear death because they believe there are things more important than the preservation of their own lives. I believe you a superhero, even if the hero part hasn’t been fully identified or coaxed from its inner lair. Superman did nothing of himself to develop his strength and powers. And while he was a passive participant in acquiring his powers, we most certainly don’t have to be. It’s our job to discover how to release the powers already there, dormant perhaps, but waiting to be discovered, developed and unleashed. Awaken your inner Superhero by unleashing your super powers: Of course we can’t shoot lasers from our eyes, but we can climb amazing heights of growth and happiness and success.

There’s good news for all us non-hero types out there. To make a point very clear, let’s start with a few questions and some no-brainer answers. A: You acquire the traits and characteristics associated with happiness. A: You put into practice the traits and characteristics of fitness and health. We can rise above the petty and trivial, the superficial and insignificant. We can see through walls of self-doubt and dishonesty. We can break through barriers of fear and insecurity. Superheroes exercise courage as they fight evil wherever it lurks—in the dark shadows of back streets and alleyways of downtown cities or out in the daylight of the metropolis.

” Villains justify bad behavior by the anger or hurt they feel at some real or perceived wrong they’ve suffered at the hands society, life or a particular group or person. They are courageous defenders of the weak and innocent. There are clear demarcations of right and wrong etched into the granite of their character.

The victim is the helpless “damsel in distress” waiting to be saved from his or her own life. Their courage is not always the result of some superhuman fearlessness we can’t possibly hope to have, but because they are willing to do the very thing they fear because it’s the right thing to do.

And so they stand up to the villain even when outmatched. They tackle challenges, but never give up when they fail the first or second or twenty-second time. My guess is that you wish to be the superhero, a person of strength and conviction, of perseverance and commitment, one of character and decency, who makes a difference in life by making a difference in the lives of others. You develop those traits and characteristics superheroes have. You’re a , real-life, modern-day superhero, ready to exercise vast amounts of personal power to fly to new heights and do amazing things with your life!

Their heroism is born of their conviction that they are needed in the fight or simply that the fight is worth having. I’m convinced that each of us has a superhero waiting to be let loose no matter where we are or who we identify with at this particular moment in our lives. You put into practice the qualities that are associated with superhero-ness. As I see it (and I have to confess I haven’t been a comic book reader since about the 5th grade), there are at least six essential characteristics of the typical superhero: Whether they have the power of flight or invisibility, super-human speed or strength, lasers from the eyes, spikes from knuckles, webs from wrists or just have really cool gadgets on a utility belt, superheroes do what seems impossible to the rest of us.The other difference in terms of sensation comes from the firmness of the silicone head.I have a tendency to really press the head of my wand into my body (next time you use a wand, experiment with pressing it against the lower portion of your pubic bone- it’s fun for me, it might be for you too! The cushy head on the original Doxy Wand was fine with this but the firmness of the new head is something I’m having to adjust to. If you answered “yes” to those questions then, yeah, the Doxy Die Cast is the hero you’ve been waiting for.So, if I turn it off via the power button when I have the intensity cranked all the way up, the next time I turn it on it’s just as powerful. The body has the same sexy curve as the original Doxy Wand which I think feels sexy (reminds me of the curve of a waist) and is comfortable to hold. The head of the Die Cast is made of matte silicone (hallelujah!As a power girl who spends most of my toy time turning things up, I appreciate that. I’m not even going to lie, I don’t use those kinds of modes so I have no strong feelings on that but here’s how it works: press the “on” button and then hold it down. ) which is much firmer than the cushy head on the original wand.This is something to remember when I talk about how I turn my toys to the highest setting and run with it- I’m not applying them directly to my clitoris. The original Doxy Wand has gone down in history as the toy that gave me (who struggles with orgasm) 3 orgasms in 9 minutes in its first use.

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