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The choice moment, by contrast, belongs to a solo piano version of Fog, performed by Thom Yorke at the 2002 Bridge School Benefit.

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The Baroque arrangements and ornately articulate baritone (and, occasionally, soaring falsetto) remain in full force, but the lyrical content clearly reflects a shakeup in Hannons long term priorities.

The aggrieved Leaving Today reveals the artist checking in on his young daughter before heading off on the road; the delightfully airy Come Home Billy Bird follows a travel-weary businessman who cant wait for his journey to end; the cavernous Freedom Road details a trucker hanging up his CB radio for the final time.

Influences vary, from Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band (especially evident Hostile, Mass.

and its use of brass) and Billy Joel (Certain Songs) to the Replacements (appealingly messy rhythms) and Hsker D (Finns biting lyrics).

Radiohead: Com Lag: 2 2=5 [EP] EMI Toshiba, 2004 Rating: 3.0 Radioheads remix/B-sides/noise-farts collection Com Lag suffered from a first-pressing glitch on Four Tets remix of Scatterbrain.

Subsequent releases have corrected the problem, but that still doesnt overcome the EPs main shortcoming: the bulk of the material here simply isnt very engaging.

Love gets a Grand Ole Opry-style makeover, complete with swinging rhythm and livelier vocals; Pushkin exchanges its spare acoustic simplicity for a piano-and-gospel harmonizing arrangement.

The misses, however, are whoppers: Ohio River Boat Song is drained of its emotional power, running a minute and a half shorter and reborn as a jaunty fiddler tune, and Horses just isnt the same sans its blazing guitar work.

Com Lag is useful for the rabid B-side and rare track collector who can save funds by getting everything from the Hail recordings on one tidy package. Bonnie "Prince" Billy: Greatest Palace Music Drag City, 2004 Rating: 3.5 Fans of Will Oldhams Palace catalog finally get their wish for a greatest hits collection.

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