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While there wasn't complete consensus, five ideas kept coming up over and over again.

It also meant that family court judges, hearing the divorce cases, might not have full information about the domestic violence allegations.

Today many jurisdictions, though by no means all of them, use a “one family, one judge” approach—consolidating the hearings into one place.

But, historically, the judicial system would handle the issues separately—with one judge presiding over the divorce, another hearing the criminal domestic violence case.

This was tough on the victims, who had to deal with multiple sets of legal proceedings, each with a different process (and, sometimes, each in a different courthouse).

“And there’s inevitably intense competition for what money is available, between those who provide services and those who want to conduct research.”The Ray Rice case was fairly typical in one sense: It’s customary to offer first-time offenders an opportunity to choose counseling, and avoid charges. One is that some abusers really will respond—either because they have so much to lose by risking jail time, or because they feel enough regret to be open to what counselors will tell them.

“Most of these programs have about a 21, 22, 23 percent success rate at 12 to 18 months,” says Gelles.

"The demand for services far exceeds the supply," says Stewart.

Divorces frequently involve allegations of domestic violence.

That’s why, in addition to scaling up the most promising programs, there needs to be intensive study of them.

That means so-called longitudinal studies, in which researchers follow participants over long periods of time, as well as experiments that create the equivalent of randomized experiments.

“And that has to do a great deal with readiness to change, plus receptiveness to intervention.”Ray Rice -- photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images But precisely because the success rate is relatively low, experts think it’s important that penalties be tough—and consistent. And it’s true for private organizations, like professional sports leagues.

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