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An twelve-inch Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain and a CCD camera have been connected to a computer.

A Web interface was developed and the whole system was hooked up to the Internet.

After you are satisfied with the alignment, you may export the file (e.g.

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The hint is that you can start with three stars in the middle of the pictures, and replace them (one at a time) by stars closer and closer to the edge of the sketch image.

Later, if you want to improve the result, you may restart starview with the you modified and polish the result.

Because the three stars you selected are too close to each other in the image and a small change in their tex.coord.

will cause a big difference in the overall transformation.

Star View for Star Center is a powerful and flexible analytics tool that provides Star2Star Star Center customers with a comprehensive view of call activity / data.

Options are available for real time displays, historical reports (including scheduled) and a “Snapshot” which is a low profile, always on-top application that scrolls key Star Center metrics across the user's display.The server computer is a standard PC: in our case a Pentium-II 233 MHz with a T1/Ethernet Internet connection at Portland State University.The telescope is connected to the server computer over the serial port (RS-232).The setup consists of a telescope, a CCD camera, a server computer, standard software, and an Internet connection.The telescope used is a Meade twelve-inch Schmidt Cassegrain Model LX200.And inside the file, you will find a matrix that transforms the 2D texture coordinate to the corresponding 3D position for you to put in your picture in 3D.

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