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Her dream job would be “Anthony Bourdain’s job,” she said, and on The Amazing Race she should get to do her share of globe-trotting and exotic eating.

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Azaria broke up with his girlfriend when he returned from the Race and has been dating Christina.

They watched the premiere together in New Orleans and were spotted at a Saints game.

I want to go back and get lost and dirty, oh and I definitely need to go paddle one of those boats!! ) or had different results if you were paired with another person? We are very similar and stay positive in stressful situations.

I don’t think I would of done as well if I was paired with anyone else. He and I became really good friends, but I think we would probably laugh too much and that would of led to disaster lol!

And who can forget that amazing jaunt through the Cattle Pen maze in the Stockyards on the Season 5 finale?

The only DFW winners on Amazing Race were from Season 13, when Emily “Starr” Spangler from Fort Worth and her brother, Nick took the title.

The Amazing Race has intersected with North Texas on more than a few occasions throughout its Emmy-winning history.

Just recently, Kurt Gibson and Brodie Smith, competitive Frisbee players, finished fifth on Race 28.

Tyler: The race would have been a completely different experience with any other partner!

I am really grateful that Laura and I got paired up, although Ashley and I could have been a pretty fierce duo too (hahah sorry Matt) ;) 4. Who was your favorite team and who were you closest to? We lost our passports, the road block was very challenging for me, we got lost and went to the wrong destination at one point, and the detour was beyond difficult. Driving the monster truck through the mud was insane, maybe that is what I will buy with my share of the million haha!

Then we asked them questions fans submitted on Facebook. Julie L: I would like to thank for bringing Tyler into my life every Friday night. Tyler: Hahah Julie, I’m really glad I was able to make your Friday’s night fun!

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