Spreadsheet cells not updating speed dating in ashland oregon

I’ve found that using the standard =importhtml and/or =importxml codes are limited in a few ways.There’s a finite number that can be used per spreadsheet and they are frustratingly slow.

Spreadsheet cells not updating

You will not be able to add your own stocks to the spreadsheet until you do this.

This spreadsheet uses the Google scripting language to refresh the latest price and dividend information from Yahoo Finance.

The orange-ish colored cells in rows 5 and 6 are my data.

Delete that information and type in your stocks row by row.

If I had years and years of data to enter, I’d likely take the aggregate approach myself.

I then would calculate the amount of dividends I received each year for each stock, if this information is available, and enter those as aggregate individual yearly transactions.If you have a lot of historical data, you have a couple of choices.You can either 1) take the time to enter each and every purchase, sale, and received dividend with the dates they happened, or 2) figure out your current cost basis and make a single purchase for that amount in the year you originally purchased the stock.If you are entering a stock, ETF, mutual fund, etc you have the option of manually entering a price and dividend amount per share (per year).Anything typed into those fields will overwrite the automatically retrieved values.This way I’d at least have the total dividend information for each stock per year.

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