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The central note of the composition is mysterious gardenia, fresh, sensual, luminous and creamy, reproduced by 'headspace' technology,. When I first smelled it on the paper i completly loved it. I decided to buy it online but when i tried it on my skin i couldn't enjoy it. My version (edt) seems to lack the creaminess of the store one. that's so sad because i really loved the old version like nothing else.

Amber and musk in the base make the scent dark and mysterious, very sensual and distinct. Searching and reading about it i realized that the EDP version is not at versace's wesite anymore and the EDT listed there has a totally different composition from Fragantica.

This elusive little thing, a dark green coconut that is not overly sweet and doesn’t make me smell like I just spilled pina colada all over myself.

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According to Donatella Versace, Crystal Noir is a rare essence, sensual and delicate.

The sandalwood base gives it a lactonic underbelly and the sensation of being surrounded by a billowy, floating atmosphere that feels as much urban as it does seaside. I’m still not convinced it is actually a Coconut note in Crystal Noir EDP.

Like a black leather jacket over a black beach kaftan. A lot better than I was expecting - there is some detectable and delectable real spice in there, and the coconut's reasonably true to life too - but overall it's still miles too sweet and too generic for me to really love, or be willing to spend money on. Or still like I said above, a combination of notes making a coconut like smell. Crystal Noir EDP does have a creaminess to it at times. I find Crystal Noir EDP to be warm and spicy, and at the same time fresh and tropical smelling.

This is a spring scent for day and night, it would go well with a teal silk dress and dark pink high heels.

(Pre-reformulation EDT) If Barnabas Collins were to stalk a California beach at night, while hiding behind a gardenia bush eating a kulfi, this is probably what it would smell like.I can smell it from all the way there, it smells really nice". With a massive smile on my face ;) this thing projects like a MONSTER! She's beautiful, she's different & she'll always have a place in my collection.Blind buy the edt version, coz some reviews say the edt is more coconutty, and i love coconut in perfume.Yes, there are overtones of sun cream in there if you think about it too hard for too long, but generally this one is a smooth and pleasant, if totally middle-of-the-beach-road, experience. I only ever got one tiny hint of coconut and I’m not sure if I imagined it or if it was simply a combination of notes making a coconut like smell. Eventually I gave my bottle of the EDT away to a friend. I still don’t find Crystal Noir EDP to be that strong. Winter for it’s warm creamy spiciness and summer due to its tropical smell. At first sniff, I hated this - it's a HUGE sultry slightly-spicy synthetic coconut. Still sweet but with a sensual edge and not nearly so overwhelming.It's never screechy or suffocating but is definitely a bit of a sensurround extravaganza - it's very very big at first, though it contracts quite quickly and is never totally overbearing. The worst part of Crystal Noir EDT for me came at night in bed. Yesterday after sampling it for a few days, I bought Crystal Noir EDP. I still wouldn't advise applying it in close quarters.sexy...scent..really long lasting I have got 30 ml for a good price a month ago in Nordstorm rack in Northbrook. There is one Polish utuber who claims this is the "scent of prostitute" :) I agree with her to some level :) I feel raw coconut in it and lemons... I feel good with it at work or when I run errands... I sprayed it on this morning before I headed to work, and received my first compliment within the first hour, by a 54 year old male..

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