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The reconstruction included a new entryway on the south side of 42nd Street between Seventh Avenue and Broadway, featuring a bright neon and colored glass flashing sign with the train route symbols and the word "Subway".The street level fare control at this site features restored original "Times Square" mosaics from the Contract I station walls (now used by the shuttle), and both escalators and stairs lead into the complex.

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The record shop re-opened in 2007 on the south side of the IRT/BMT corridor.

The mezzanine has been a major featured spot for subway performers ever since the opening of the station.

The mezzanine above the BMT Broadway Line, formerly a record shop, now features a large oval balcony looking over the trackway and has reduced the sense of claustrophobia described by many riders.

In 2004, four unisex stall bathrooms were opened on the mezzanine between the IRT and BMT lines; they are staffed and maintained by employees of the Times Square Alliance, the local Business Improvement District.

The other three tracks once curved parallel to this.

Tracks 1 and 3 now end at bumper blocks at the west end of the platforms.

The shuttle platform is the only station in the station complex that does not have ADA-accessibility.

Although planning had been completed in 2006, the project was delayed due to a lack of funding.

Tracks 1 and 3 have gap fillers, as they are concave and curve toward the shuttle trains..

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