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I tried to keep them close together because I wanted the switching between rounds to be as easy as possible. Promotion: 100 % of my attendees found out about this program from

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) to reference, but I also wanted to create an activity to get them up and moving about.

I decided this was the perfect topic to make into a speed dating activity.

I set up a card making station with dollar store supplies: cardstock, glue, glitter, googly eyes, and recycled books.

I had planned to play Telephone Pictionary or Mind Readers (instructions on this post) after the matches, in case some people didn’t want to make Valentines cards. My goal was achieved: everyone made new friends and had a lot of fun.

I hear from 20/30s all the time that they struggle to find new friends in the area. By the end I had 29 attendees in their 20s and 30s at the program!

It’s hard to leave university behind – where there are countless opportunities to meet people – and join the working world. It was such an amazing experience – many attendees were extremely grateful and prompted me to run the same type of program on a weekly basis.

Noise: 30 new adults having exciting, nervous, get-to-know-you conversations is LOUD.

For this reason I would advise leaving some room between the tables.

And, I hope there weren't any mistakes on the cards because I was sort of in a rush to get them made.

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