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” I’ve used the mantra “Let nothing surprise you and have no expectations” to lead my dating life in Manhattan — and thus far, it’s served me well. While it’s true some folks might have a particular type, it’s also true that what you generally find attractive changes with when you actually meet a person face-to-face. The very fact that an event like this exists — and has attendance!

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One of the men quoted in White’s piece says that there’s nothing he hates more than sluts.

The measuring of women only (or firstly) by their physical appearance isn’t new.

Guys, no need to worry about meeting a biggie-size chick "down-sizing" to an 8 like when you're dating online. The hope is that they'll go to this speed-dating event and get off your dating site. It's very uncool to judge anyone for preferring anything, actually.

So I'll close with a single word, open to interpretation: Wow.

Sure, we all know New Yorkers are known for installment of "Skinny Minny" night, accommodating one mandatory quality: Ladies, you must wear sizes 0-8, and you must display your size on your lapel (sorry, even plus-size models, however models, won't be allowed through the door). While the skinny gal's requirements may not be exhibited outwardly, you can count on the first question being, "So, how much DO you make?

Last week, we learned that On Speed, a site that organizes speed dating events, offers “Skinny Minny” speed dating for “women under size 8.” On their website, On Speed says “don’t worry about meeting a biggie-size chick 'down-sizing' to an 8 like when you're dating online.”Curiously, there are no similar size requirements for the men who are attending the event, nor are they required to provide any other information about their physical appearance.

Women who attend the event, , have their dress size written on their nametags in red Sharpie marker.

White attended one of the Skinny Minny events in New York City and used a recorder hidden in a vintage fur muff to record the men she sat down with.

Fat women, unfortunately, are considered undesirable and should be excluded as to not offend any of the discerning men at this event.

In our culture, there is a deep disdain for fat people, women in particular.

Whether you think it's what already happens (naturally) in NYC, or you're thinking of a roomful of singles with a buzzer, we all know how damning and thorny dating in general can be.

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