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But it’s got more to do with our ex-girlfriends.“It was inspired by the type of girls that every rock’n’roller knows only too well.

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You’d be amazed how many girls have “Something like that is really gratifying, because it means that females are in on the joke as well. Talk to the girls who go around calling themselves The Crazy Bitch. So we decided that the only way to do this video would be to call in some favours and use desperate actresses.

They understand, even if you don’t.”Unfortunately, the band did run into serious problems when they shot the video for the song, eventually ending up with a law suit against them. So we put up an ad on our My Space page [ asking for girls to show up.

Which meant scenes of her kissing another girl and drinking alcohol, plus other suggestively lewd acts, were definitely unlawful.

Litigation duly followed.“It was ridiculous,” says Nelson.

“We did everything we could to ensure that only girls above the legal age got in for the video.

And this one admitted she’d falsified her birth certificate and ID, then sued Buckcherry, claiming we forced her to behave in this fashion!

We are now taking bookings for the show online, so remember to book early as seats can sell out very quickly!

Also, please note that due to several large parties turning up on the wrong date, or not showing up at all, we now require all online bookings to be confirmed by phone, email or in person, between 1 and 2 days before your reserved date.

The video was shot [two versions – the explicit and also the ‘clean’], and that was the end of it.

Until the song started to get noticed and the video got airplay.”At this point a girl – known as Jane Doe for legal reasons – came out of the proverbial woodwork and claimed that she’d been just 16 years old when she appeared in the video.

Click here to book online, and join us at the World Famous Rich Bitch Showbar, We promise to make it a night to remember!

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